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The empowerment project for women and girls in Guereda led by the NGO Corridors of Peace Chad, with the support of the partner JRS (Jesuit Refugee Service), which is an international non-governmental organization, whose mission is to support, serve and defend the rights of refugees and displaced persons.


The authorities of Guereda gave us a site for agriculture and breeding behind the residence of the Prefect but the site also requires the construction of a fence

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The CORRIDORS OF PEACE Guereda team has registered over 200 vulnerable women and girls in Guereda and surrounding villages in Chad.

In the project we have 9 types of training which are

  1. Literacy
  2. Cutting and Sewing
  3. Agriculture and livestock (market gardening and breeding of small ruminants)
  4.  IT
  5. Hairstyle
  6. Soap factory
  7. Braid and tattoo
  8. Pastry
  9. Mill

But for the moment for lack of resources we started with only 3 branches namely :
Literacy, Sewing and agriculture, Breeding,

We also have over 150 vulnerable women and girls registered by our agents on the waiting list.


Well-being of women and girls in Dar-Tama



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Corridors of Peace is a non-profit Organisation.
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more in-depth

Well-being of women and girls in Dar-Tama

The project aims to improve the well-being of women and girls in Dar-Tama,

In particular their food security, their nutritional status so that they can better take charge of the management of their development and their reproductive health, more specifically, the project aims to develop production activities to increase household food availability.

It is also a question of developing activities to strengthen the capacities of women and girls to take charge of themselves and to be able to preserve their rights to integrity and to sexual and reproductive health, taking into account cultural specificities and the environment.

Contribute to food security by building the capacities of women and girls in Dar-Tama in the field of agriculture (market gardening, breeding of small ruminants and agro-food processing), sewing, AGR, and literacy .

The Corridors Of Peace project is part of this mission to support the dynamics within the communities themselves, the components of the project in gender equality, as well as in income-generating activities (IGA).

Household social protection of vulnerable women and girls

In conclusion, the project aims to improve the social protection of the households of vulnerable women and girl beneficiaries to secure their livelihoods, by making them autonomous.

Increasing socio-economic empowerment of 100 women

The objective of the project is the increased socio-economic empowerment of 100 women and girls in the Department of Dar-Tama, the participatory approach will be the type of advocacy among the beneficiaries, two components constitute the heart of the project:


1- The first point will focus on the economic empowerment of women and
daughters of Dar-Tama, the beneficiaries will be able to carry out the tasks

  • Develop and strengthen tools for entrepreneurial training and
  • Provide training in IGA management and financial management
  • Open support workshops in the business and cooperative approach
  • Support women in the development of their business plan.
  • Carry out support and follow-up visits to IGAs and women’s businesses.


2- The second component will focus on the socio-political empowerment of women and
girls, the beneficiaries will be able to carry out the following tasks, for example:

  • Develop, strengthen educational tools on the various training themes.
  • Train women community workers on female leadership, civic rights and duties, equality and civic engagement.
  • Carry out advocacy sessions with the town hall, village chiefs and other local authorities on the place of women and girls in Dar-Tama.
  • Organize a campaign on women’s leadership by the women beneficiaries.

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Beneficiaries undergoing training in sewing and the mill for IGAs

Interkulturelles Fest Dornach 2022 : Connecting people

Women beneficiaries of the common core literacy project

Par Hamarason — Travail personnel, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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Dignity for the women and girls in Chad is to look further

Thinking Globally, Act locally to create culture of Peace, promoting harmonious living thought conflict prevention initiatives and communal actions


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